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"Unfair Attacks" - A Subject Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin (R-AK) Knows Quite Well

"Unfair Attacks" - An imagined animation starring Sarah Palin

Watching the news lately, I've heard a recurring theme amongst the complaining Republican flack machine. The key phrase is: "Unfair Attacks", as in, "the Democrats have been making unfair attacks against Sarah Palin because they're (pick one) sexist, elitist, anti-family, anti-small-town-America, or just plain mean.

That got me thinking about an effective rebuttal, and I think I've come up with one. Maybe somebody who works for a big animation studio or has lots of talent and time on their hands will volunteer to make it or someone will pay my company to create it, I don't care. I just had this visualization so I figured I'd share. If anyone else wants to make it, I merely request a "inspiration credit" for, otherwise it's free to use. Here goes...

Opening Scene: Series of clips of Republican operatives declaring Palin the victim of "Unfair Attacks".

Fade to Black

Voiceover with type: It seems like Sarah Palin and her supporters are complaining about her being the victim of "unfair attacks". Well I guess they should know, because rumor has it that Sarah herself is an EXPERT in Unfair Attacks. Let's watch...

Fade to Scene of Final-Fantasy-style animation of a cammo'ed-up Sarah Palin with a fully automatic AR-15 slung over her shoulder about to board a helicopter with slowly-whirling blades bearing the insignia "Alaskan Aerial Hunts"

The 'copter takes off, and heads out over the rugged, pristine wilderness of summertime Alaska, the camera panning back and forth across the woods, lakes and mountains that typify the Alaskan landscape.

After a minute or so, Palin, holding binoculars in one hand while clinging to the Huey-style open side door of the 'copter, points down and says to the pilot, "Down there!"

Camera pans down to the ground where off in the distance you see a mother Polar Bear ambling along with three cubs (very cute) following her.

The camera zooms in to see the bears sniffing along, looking for food, with the cubs playfully jostling with each other from time to time before hurrying after their mother.

Camera pans back to the helicopter, which grows ominously closer.

Cut to scene of bears noticing helicopter and, looking startled and scared, starting to flee.

Cut back to Palin, with evil grin on her face, settling into shooting position and pointing the rifle at the bears.

"Closer!", she cries out to the pilot and then looks down her sights to her intended quarry.

Pan out to where you can see both the helicopter, with Palin pointing the gun towards the ground, and the bears, now in full flight, running through the woods.

Ack ack ack ack, goes the gun, firing towards the bears, kicking up dust around them as they flee in terror.

Ack ack ack ack - Ack ack ack ack - again and again she rakes the ground with fully automatic weapons fire.

Finally she scores a direct hit and the mother bear, hit in three places along a line, runs a few more feet and then tumbles over, bleeding profusely from three visible wounds.

Cut back to Palin looking very happy. "Got it!", she cries with a fist pump. Turning towards the pilot she says, "Find somewhere to land, there's a nice trophy down there".

Cut back to the dying bear, now surrounded by her three devastated and confused cubs, pawing mommy to try to revive her. A shadow grows over them, which turns into the helicopter landing right next to the body.

They flee into some nearby bushes and you then see the cubs turn, hiding, to watch the unfolding scene.

Sarah dismounts from the helicopter with a chainsaw case and a large burlap bag in her hands. Setting the bag and case on the ground, she opens the case, removes the chainsaw, fires it up, and then walks over to the now-dead Polar Bear mommy.

"This is gonna look nice on my parent's wall", she says and then proceeds to cut off the head of the bear, blood gushing everywhere, and spattering all over her.

Holding it aloft, she says (with a glint in her eye), "I can't understand all those Liberals who want to eliminate aerial hunting. This stuff is FUN!"

Putting the head into her burlap bag, she looks disdainfully down at the beheaded carcass and then at her blood spattered self and says. "Gee, guess I gotta go get cleaned up before that press conference. Let's go Charlie."

She climbs back into the helicopter and it takes off and flies off into the distance. The cubs return and gather around their dead mother, sobbing mournfully. At the clearing's edge, wolves gather, eying the now unprotected cubs. Vultures circle the skies overhead.

Fade to Black

Cut to scene of a cleaned up Palin addressing the assembled media. She says, "The first thing I want to say is that I've been subjected this week to all kinds of Unfair Attacks..."

Fade to Black.

Cut back to sobbing cubs, huddled together for warmth and protection in the shadow of their dead mother as the day's light is fading. Hungry eyes gleaming in the darkened edges of the clearing.

Voiceover: "Unfair Attacks", now that's something Governor Sarah Palin really DOES have experience with...

Fade to Black.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saved from the Memory Hole - Deleted DailyKos Palin Baby Story


Just because the Palin family now says that their daughter is five months pregnant and therefore couldn't possibly be baby Trig's mom, doesn't mean that the claim is actually true.

DailyKos continues their disappointing habit of suppressing "dangerous" thought (like 9/11 Truth, for instance) by immediately kow-towing to the pressure and making the story simply vanish. Thank the Goddess for Google Cache. There is at least one other article about this topic that was published first on DailyKos that DIDN'T get Cached. If anyone has a link to a copy, please leave it in the comments.

This is an important story because it means that one of two things HAS to be true.


A) Sarah Palin is NOT baby Trig's mom, and has engaged in public self-serving lying about said motherhood in a way to enhance her standing in the radical pro-life political community.

- OR -

B) Sarah Palin IS baby Trig's mom, and she behaved in wantonly reckless behavior with regards to her unborn child (and the safety and well being of airline crews and passengers) by her actions traveling in the 72 hours leading up to his birth, thus calling into serious question both her intrinsic judgement and character AND her alleged beliefs about the "sanctity of the unborn".

She and McCain can't have it both ways. ONE of the above scenarios is true. Has to be. No crazy conspiracy theory here.

Which is it? I'd really like to know, particularly since the issues around pregnancy and contraception hold such a central place in the Sarah Palin mystique.

But anyway, here's one of the articles that got it all started, with full links and comments. I'm just trying to save it for posterity. Our republic depends on such vigilance, no?


BabyGate: Explosive New Details [Photos+Video]

Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 04:39:54 PM PDT

Yesterday, the nation at large was introduced to Sarah Palin's fraudulent claims of maternity by numerous photographs, video, and a timeline that made even those accepting of the 'official' story turn their heads in confusion.

The revelation that had been whispered among the Alaskan legislature was explosive. Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig Palin. Her daughter is the mother. Scarce if any refutations to the contrary have come forward, and now damning incidents and evidence has come to light.

Mothers of the world have reeled back in disgust and horror at Sarah's dangerous and possibly fatal story of flying 4000 miles even as she was supposedly in the process of entering labor a month early. Sarah needs to honestly answer for her lies, promptly.

As evidenced in the original diary, Sarah has been photographed during her surprise 'pregnancy' as trim, fit, and altogether non-pregnant. Once again presenting Sarah at seven months 'pregnant':


And now newly juxtaposed to Sarah pregnant with her son, Track Palin, in 1989 (right):


The disparity is shocking. Any mother of more than one child will tell you that a female body does not become fitter with each pregnancy, but instead the exact opposite, gaining more and more weight quickly with each successive pregnancy (in Sarah's case, four). Sarah is a perfectly healthy woman, but is far from a petite size, and would not be able to hide a second trimester pregnancy from anyone with a set of eyeballs.

bloggerinterrupted has culled together news videos from the time of the original announcement (seven months into the surprise 'pregnancy'), which reveals no protruding belly line, and the total shock of fellow Alaskans:

Of note, the Newsweek conference at the end was entitled "Newsweek: Women & Leadership". Sarah would issue the statement on her pregnancy the next day (she didn't mention pregnancy once during the presentation), and Newsweek host Karen Breslau was as surprised as anyone:

At the time, I didn't know that Palin, clad in a loose, dark dress, was seven months pregnant with her fifth child. An aide called me the next day to tell me that Palin would be announcing the pregnancy at home in Alaska and that she had wanted me to know as a courtesy. She was sorry she hadn't mentioned it the night before.

A convenient reasoning, allowing Sarah to deftly avoid questioning of any sort before, during, or after the presentation in Los Angeles. This isn't the first time Sarah has fooled someone on video.
In yesterday's diary, a video of Sarah hiking around Juneau, Alaska (and standing in high heels at six months 'pregnant') was presented by Alaska HDTV. They have since issued a statement:

Regarding her pregnancy, all I can say is that it was not obvious to the three of us who were there during the filming. At this time she would be somewhere in her 7th month of pregnancy, which could be hidden with clever clothing, jackets, etc.

In addition, these videos also mark stark contrasts toanother video of Sarah's career as a Sports News Journalist, taped here when she was pregnant with child in 1989. Her facial features are altered, a common effect of pregnancy that Sarah miraculously avoided during her fifth with Trig.

Fast forward to the alleged 'pregnancy' itself, an obstetrician commented at Talking Points Memo that he has serious issues with Palin's decisions:

She claims she flew from Texas to Anchorage after she was having contractions and leaking amniotic fluid. This simply doesn't make sense.

I am a physician and I deliver babies (my last delivery was about 36 hours ago).


There is very little chance that a 44 year old woman who was pregnant with her fifth child would last 8 hours with ruptured membranes and contractions. Especially when the baby was approximately 4 weeks early; She would have delivered this baby on the plane.


Playing the back seat doctor here, my advice would have been get in the car and go to the nearest hospital with a maternity ward. This is called Premature Preterm Rupture of Membranes (PPROM) and it is dangerous.


10:30pm - Palin arrives in Anchorage (approximately 22 hours after membranes ruptured, you start to get worried at 12 hours).

11:30pm - Palin checks into Mat-Su regional in Wasilla, Alaska. (It seems kind of strange that she wouldn't have gone to Providence in Anchorage which has the highest level maternity care in the state. You would want a child with genetic defects to be delivered in a bigger place with more services available.)


If she knew her child had this disorder and got on a plane with leaking amniotic fluid, then she shows incredibly poor judgment.

Mentioned below the statement, is the revelation that after landing in Anchorage, Sarah drove past both Providence and Anchorage Regional, facilities ideal for premature deliveries, as both are equipped with neonatal intensive care units (NCIU). The doctor who supposedly approved of Sarah taking such risks, and later delivered Trig? Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who has since been scrubbed from the Mt-Su Regional Medical Center website. Web Archive naturally shows her at the top of the scrubbed list. Sarah's relationship with Cathy has formed over the years, and in 2002 (then Mayor) Sarah named her Family Physician of the Year. In May 2007, (then Governor) Sarah appointed Cathy to the Alaska Health Care Strategies Planning Council, as evidenced by this scrubbed State Press Release. Special connections for special friends.

Mat-Su Regional, the hospital where Trig Palin was delivered, surprisingly does not list Trig on their own list of babies born in that facility for that day of April 18th. A peculiar oddity, as hospitals are usually proud when a local celebrity gives birth within their facility.

Which brings us back to Bristol Palin, the rightful mother of Trig Palin. Over the course of seven months, Bristol had three separate driving offenses, one to carry insurance, one for speeding, and another one for a collision. As a sixteen year-old driver, incidents such as these happen all the time. This is noteworthy, however, due to her being out of school at the time due to the family excuse of 'having infectious mononucleosis' for a period of five to eight months. The police statement reads:

Wasilla Police Department
On February 8, 2008, at 1737 hours, Wasilla Police responded to two vehicle collision at Seward Meridian Parkway and Fireweed Drive. Investigation revealed that Bristol Palin, age 17 of Wasilla, was driving a 4-door sedan and attempted to turn into a business when she struck a 2-door sedan driven by Joshua Moffet, age 19, of Wasilla. Palin was issued a citation for Failing to Use Due Care to Avoid a Collision. Moffet was issued a citation for an expired registration and no proof of insurance.

Out of school, and in a fender-bender located in front a Medical Family Center. Not good.

Back to contrasts, we see here Bristol at Sarah's Governor inauguration:


As flat of a stomach as any. And now later during Bristol's pregnancy:


Bristol & Trig have been pushed backstage or elsewhere in McCain/Palin appearances already, as evidenced by the Washington, PA campaign stop in which Sarah stated Trig was napping while Bristol was watching over him. In any regard, they looked wonderful together at the initial Vice-Presidential unveiling in Dayton, Ohio on Friday:




Sarah? Not so interested.


Tearing apart a mother from her child in the public's eye for political points is the lowest of the low. Bristol Palin deserves the truth from Sarah, delivered to the public, immediately. This charade on the national stage is pathetic, and needs to end promptly.

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