Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Navisite Completely Botches Alabanza Data Center Move - Thousands of Businesses Damaged or Destroyed by Fiasco

In a sniveling attempt to diminish the apparent impact of their devastatingly poor execution of the ill-considered Alabanza Data Center move from Baltimore to Andover, MA, Rathin Sinha, Navisite's chief marketing officer, baldly and outrageously LIED about the number of sites affected by this fiasco.

He said, in an article on TheRegister.co.uk

Sinha was unable to estimate exactly how many websites were affected. Alabanza serves about 300 customers who then resell service to smaller website operators. Navisite's best estimate is that 5,000 to 7,000 customers buy service through these resellers, he said.

What a load of bullsh*t. Plain and simple. A clearly intentional lie from the chief marketing officer who must surely have had a hand in the creation and dissemination of this crowing press release, Navisite proudly brags about the 165,000 web sites hosted on Alabanza. Take a look for yourself...

NaviSite Acquires Alabanza and Jupiter Hosting

Andover, MA. August 13, 2007- NaviSite, Inc. (www.navisite.com) (NASDAQ: NAVI), a leading provider of application management, internet infrastructure and hosting solutions for the mid-market, has acquired two privately-held providers of hosting services – Alabanza and Jupiter Hosting – for total cash consideration of approximately $15.5 million.

Baltimore, MD based Alabanza offers a comprehensive suite of dedicated and shared web hosting services, as well as a highly automated proprietary software platform for provisioning and managing high volume hosting solutions. Santa Clara, CA based Jupiter Hosting offers dedicated and complex managed hosting and infrastructure services that include high quality and high bandwidth applications such as IPTV, Video on Demand and Progressive Video Delivery; the company also has a data center located in Santa Clara, CA.

”Alabanza and Jupiter fit neatly into our managed hosting offerings and were acquired at less than four times expected synergistic EBITDA,” said Arthur Becker, Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite. “These transactions add new customers with average revenue per square foot densities of approximately $4,700 per year and create significant opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell our entire suite of managed services.”

The acquisitions were financed predominately through cash on hand.. The acquisitions are expected to be accretive to adjusted EBITDA immediately and fully integrated by NaviSite’s second quarter. The company plans to update fiscal 2008 guidance for these acquisitions in its next quarterly earnings call tentatively scheduled for the end of September, 2007.

About Alabanza

Baltimore, MD based Alabanza’s automated web hosting solutions, backed by its powerful Domain System Manager (DSM®) software, are used by web hosting companies, web developers, systems integrators, Internet service providers, and telecommunication carriers. Alabanza’s proprietary software platform is a business management tool that guides and automates the core tasks required for running a hosting company, including DNS registration, web site provisioning and building, store front creation and customer billing. Nearly 165,000 active web sites in more than 25 countries are powered by Alabanza. For more information, please visit www.alabanza.com.

About Jupiter Hosting

Santa Clara, CA based Jupiter Hosting specializes in managed hosting for companies with high traffic volumes or complex hosting requirements. Working within the OSI seven-layer model, it provides simple dedicated and complex managed web hosting and web infrastructures for over 10,000 Internet properties. Jupiter Hosting has emerged as an industry leader in providing support for high-bandwidth applications such as IPTV, Video-on-Demand, and Progressive Download of Video content over the Internet. Other areas of specialization include IP bandwidth provisioning, server clustering, and application or database installation. For more information, please visit www.jupiterhosting.com.

About NaviSite

NaviSite is a leading provider of applications management and internet infrastructure solutions for the mid-market. More than 1000 customers depend on NaviSite for application development, implementation and management on its web infrastructure platforms in 14 state-of-the art data centers supported by 600 professionals. NaviSite specializes in the mid-market and provides customized and scalable solutions leveraging its broad range of application development capabilities, packaged software implementation expertise, deep portfolio of best in class technologies and a full suite of web-hosting and internet infrastructure options. For more information, please visit www.navisite.com


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