Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Republican U.S. Attorney Arrested for Attempted Child Rape

Yes, that's correct. Quoting from the Wayne Madsen Report...

Assistant U.S. Attorney for Northern Florida, John David Atchison, appointed by George W. Bush in 2002, was arrested in Detroit after flying from Pensacola. Atchison was arrested as part of an Internet child sex sting conducted by Macomb County police. Atchison believed he would be having sex with a 5-year old girl. He wrote a detective posing as the girl's mother that he would bring the youngster "presents," that he would go "slow and easy," and that "I've done it plenty."

Sooo.... lemmie get this straight....

Long time President George Bush Ally and Supporter John David Atchison, who is the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Northern Florida, flew to Michigan after lengthy conversations with what he believed to be the mother of a young child that was at least as sick as he was. This "mother" was planning to let this long-time GOP lickspittle rape (you can't even say "have sex with", five year olds can't consent to sex in any state) her young daughter, an act, if his own statements are to be believed, he had done "many times before".

Now I'm a liberal, and against the death penalty, but this case actually gives me second thoughts on the subject. Not that sending a federal prosecutor to prison for attempted rape of a five year old doesn't amount to a death sentence anyway. "Short Eyes" who are also COPS don't usually have the longest or most pleasant of lifespans once they join the fellows they've sent there before they decided to make it home.

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Freaking disgusting. God help us all.