Saturday, December 30, 2006

Top Story on OpEdNews - Saddam Hussein Executed

Wow... My first big scoop.

I posted a QuickLink with commentary (article lead) on and it was selected as a Top Story of the Day for 12/29/06.

Who knew it would be Saddam who'd give me my first big break...

These are strange times...

Anyway, here's a cross-post of the story.

Saddam Hussein Executed - Hanged in the Green Zone

Saddam Hussein's been executed. No long, drawn-out appeals process in the "new" Iraq. Hang-em' High was the order of the day. Seems the former Iraqi president won't ever get a chance to tell what he knew about the current American president, and his friends, family and associates. Seems the US Government couldn't shuffle him off this mortal coil fast enough. Well George, you won't have Saddam to kick around any more. Good luck...

I was notified of the article's selection by Rob Kall, owner and editor-in-chief of OpEdNews who said:
Re: your article 'Saddam Hussein Executed - Hanged in the Green Zone' --

Just a note to let you know your article has been main headlined for the day. Thanks for posting a great article.

Ranking terminates after 24 hours or 24 hours after the article was posted, whichever comes first. I'm psyched. Thanks for everyone's support.

I look forward to writing much more than ever in the upcoming year.

In these crazy times, make sure you hang on to your loved ones and tell them you care.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Henerey said...

Great article David, I can see why they picked it. Now, as I blogged, they're selling postcards of the hanging.

Hey, I'm saying to myself, "where's the damn WORD VERIFICATION word? Totally blank. Then I figured it must be cookies. Hey, I'm on a no-cookies diet, but what the hell...

Oh, back around, what I thought must be a capital I must've been a lower-case ell. WTF