Friday, November 17, 2006

Only an overwhelming tide...

News and Commentary by David Caputo of Positronic Design.

Despite the recent Democratic victory, the problems of paperless (i.e. unverifiable) balloting procedures are only growing. Activists should not be lulled into a false sense of security because the "worst" was avoided this go-around. Such tweakings (fraud/theft/vote-switching) are done at the margins, so an overwhelming tide of public sentiment was, in my opinion, just too much of a landslide to overcome. But you can be sure they are working on it...

I reprint below an excellent article that I found posted on

I recommend everyone read it and help publicize its findings. The democracy you save may be your own.

Widespread Vote-Switching Detected by EDA Data Analysis

The movement to uncover vote fraud may ironically have been dealt a blow in the euphoria following Democrats’ victory last week. We have not heard much at all about voting problems since the election. Yet the problems are still there, as the article below makes clear.

While the Neocon Express may finally be derailing, we should not let any satisfaction from the coming train wreck slow the momentum for exposing vote fraud and demanding accountable voting systems. That's more important than the results of a single election.

We await further information from the Election Defense Alliance, and we’ll post any newsworthy information in this space.

— Ed.

Widespread Vote-Switching Detected by EDA Data Analysis Update from Jonathan Simon, on EDA Data Analysis findings

To Everyone Keeping Score At Home--

My apologies for being out-of-touch over much of the past two very eventful days. I have been holed-up with Bruce O'Dell and a few others crunching numbers, lots of numbers, including historical data, pre-election polling trends, authentic(!) and adjusted official exit polls, independent exit polls and Election Day canvasses, and of course the reported returns. The analysis will go on for quite some time. But I want to give a very brief preliminary impression of what we see so far.

It is simply this: there are, venue for venue, plenty of "anomalies" and vote-shifting patterns to go around. So far, once again, the "glitch" pattern and the shift patterns do not appear to be random. Without pursuing a detailed analysis, it would be easy to overlook this while oohing and ahhiing at the overall results.

The danger here in our view is that E2006, because the Democrats "won," will be spun as a triumph for electoral honesty and security--when in fact it appears that the combination of massive public revulsion and heightened public scrutiny may simply have made this one too high and risky a mountain for the prospective manipulators to climb to the top. There are numerous signs emerging that the climbing party brought its gear and tackled the slopes, reaching a good way up this Everest before meeting the howling winds and bitter cold that kept them from reaching the summit, as they had in prior expeditions up less lofty and forbidding peaks.

We will continue assembling the data and analyzing the patterns, reporting our findings along with supporting data as they emerge. For now, those inclined to celebrate the apparently unthwarted triumph of the public will, by all means feel free to go out and paint the town red, or blue. But, although E2006 should certainly confirm for us the value of our work and of the heightened scrutiny our hard labor engendered, it should in no way seduce us into any prolonged sense of satisfaction or, dare I say it, mission accomplished. We have as much work before us as behind us, in fact more. The system is no less vulnerable this week than it was last week, and the numbers we have crunched thus far appear to confirm that vulnerability.

We've all made sacrifices and worked very hard. The warm bath beckons and we've surely earned it. But make it a very short one.

All the best--Jonathan Simon

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